We are a civil association that has an independent legal personality working in the field of calling to God under administrative and financial supervision from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development under license No. 3074 and technical supervision from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Advocacy and Guidance, under the name of the Association for Advocacy, Guidance and Community Awareness in East Jeddah, where the association carries out its work Multiple advocacy, awareness and social services to serve the community, educate them about their religion, and invite them to the correct Islamic belief
And reviving the Sunnah and spreading it, suppressing innovations and warning them, and linking people to the method of the righteous predecessors to achieve obedience to God, His Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, and those in authority. The association also invites non-Muslims to Islam and introduces them to it and demonstrates its merits with wisdom and good advice with all available advocacy means, sponsoring and educating new converts, taking care of them and communicating with them to confirm them on the true religion.